How Gen Z and Their Latest Obsessions Can Inspire New Approaches to Video Marketing

Look to younger generations for inspiration

The slime craze is just one trend marketers can use to inspire their future strategies. YouTube: @TalisaTossell

Publishers must produce exciting video content for an ever-growing number of platforms at scale in order to entice their audience, stay relevant and seize monetization opportunities. The best place to take cues for producing video in this environment is from the first generation to use video as their primary means of communication: Gen Z. This doesn’t mean taking cues from the Kardashian and Jenners of the world but instead studying relative unknowns who struck out on their own and built massive subscriber bases. It’s counterintuitive to start looking at amateur production styles to inform your video strategy, but it can completely change your content—and your workplace—for the better.

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@maiastar Maia McCann is the editor-in-chief and vp of content at RockYou Media.