Hearst Unveils Skiff E-reader

Hearst Corp. revealed the first image and a few details about its Skiff Reader, the e-reader device for digital newspapers and magazines that it plans to preview at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
The Skiff unit is one of various wireless reading devices and services that are expected to be shown at CES. Rumor has it that the most anticipated, the Apple tablet, will be announced Jan. 24.
At one-quarter-inch thick, the Skiff reader is the thinnest e-reader that’s been announced to date, Skiff claims. It measures 11.5 inches diagonally, making it bigger than the popular Amazon Kindle, which measures 9.7 inches, and Plastic Logic’s 11-inch screen. Presumably, it also makes an attractive option for newspaper and magazine publishers that are looking to create an interactive and dynamic representation of their publications on e-readers.
Hearst announced in December its plan to launch Skiff, an e-reader device and distribution service for print media. While publishers have fretted about the control that current e-readers exercise over their users, Hearst has said the Skiff model would return most of the subscription and ad revenue generated by e-reader editions to the contents’ publishers.
The Skiff device weighs a little over 1 pound and operates over a week of average use between charges, which the maker did not define. Sprint will provide 3G connectivity to the device and sell it at its retail locations, according to Skiff.