EOnline Ad Volume Up 30% in Q1 as Network Heads Into New Upfront

E!'s Web portal increases traffic, syncs up with online content

E! is taking part in a great tradition that stretches all the way back to 1974. They're using The Great Gatsby to sell luxury goods. The company was Ralph Lauren at the time (and "on line" referred only to fishing), and this year it'll be Tiffany, among others—Brooks Brothers has an unrelated campaign that also uses the upcoming Baz Lurhmann flick. E! is making use of its red carpet presence to sell advertising to Tiffany for its Gatsby-branded line (using The Beautiful People as a magnet), pointing up the increase in interest in its new platform, which got a major face-lift last year to great fanfare as the whole network rebranded under NBCUniversal cable svengali Bonnie Hammer.