Elizabeth Smart Hired by ABC News

She'll report on kidnapping cases for 'Good Morning America'

Headshot of Emma Bazilian

Elizabeth Smart, the young woman who was kidnapped from her home in Salt Lake City in 2002 at age 14 (and was found nine months later), has taken a job at ABC News. The Daily Beast reports that Smart will be a contributor to Good Morning America and could appear on other ABC News programs like Nightline.

With the Casey Anthony story still raging on, Smart could start her new job as early as next week, according to the Daily Beast. But ABC News said that the hiring “has been in the works for months” and isn’t related to the Casey Anthony trial.

Smart skyrocketed to national fame after her horrific abduction nearly a decade ago, but ABC claims that it didn’t hire her as a way of getting a juicy interview about her experience. “This is definitely not about looking backward and telling her story, which has been well told and retold,” an ABC spokeswoman told the Daily Beast.

Instead, the spokeswoman said, Smart will be reporting on other abduction cases and “helping viewers understand missing-persons stories from the perspective of knowing what a family experiences when a loved one goes missing.” Whether or not Smart is a strange pick for a news correspondent, it's impossible to deny her authority in that field.

@adweekemma emma.bazilian@adweek.com Emma Bazilian is Adweek's features editor.