Demo-Based TV Buys Not Enough

NEW YORK For decades the major TV networks have based their sales pitches to advertisers on demographics — primarily age sex and income characteristics of the audiences that watch their programs. But that’s no longer enough, says David Poltrack, chief research officer at CBS.
Poltrack, who says network TV ad sales will be down in the mid-single digit range next year on a percentage basis (with a recovery beginning in early 2010), presented new research at the UBS Media conference today compiled by the Advertising Research Foundation that shows network TV advertising is just as effective as it has ever been. But in order to remain that way going forward the networks must start providing metrics to advertisers that tie TV viewing patterns to buying behavior, he said. He will also suggest that the networks must focus on delivering more granular commercial viewing data to advertisers, who, increasingly, want to be able to track viewing second by second through their spots.