Can’t Decide What to Watch? PopSugar Just Released an App to Help

Binge is available today

The app is free to download for iOS devices. PopSugar

PopSugar is launching an app today to help you decide what to stream.

The app, Binge, is free to download for iOS devices, with plans to add other devices later, said Chris George, evp, product marketing and sales strategy at PopSugar.

Binge will help you sort through more than 5,000 shows across streaming devices, with more being added and removed as programming on the platforms change.

“It’s become a real need to have this companion to help you identify what to watch next,” George said.

Binge, which is ad-supported, will launch with Hulu as a sponsor.

To start off, Binge will give you a number of programs and will ask you to swipe left or right (like a dating app) to determine your viewing interests. A tab on the app will recommend programming as you give Binge more information about what you like to watch, with a “like” or “dislike.”

“We have a super passionate audience and we love to go really deep on topics where they are passionate,” George said.

On the app, a user could narrow down what to watch by selecting a provider, the year the program was released and by genre. The app also allows you to follow your friends to see what they’re watching.

There’s also extensive information about each program. A user can search for a show and bring up how long it would take someone to binge the show, the number of seasons available and on what platform.

It also includes links so you can watch immediately, which could become a source of revenue for the publisher if it were able to make those affiliate links.

The app also offers recommendations for other programming based on that show and an option to add it to your own “BingeList,” a place to keep all shows you’re interested in watching in one place.

In addition, there’s a feed on the app that will share articles about different TV shows from news organizations. There’s even a place to comment and talk about shows with other watchers.

“We see TV as a very social topic this is a great way to not only connect with your friends, but to connect with other fans of a show,” George said.

PopSugar has looked to expand into other revenue streams. It recently got into large experiential events with Play/Ground, a ticketed event over the summer and has worked with creatives on innovative campaigns, including making every period on its website include a pop-up tip on how to spot skin cancer.

In May, the digital publisher let go of 19 people—about 5 percent of the staff—to “achieve profitability,” The Wrap reported at the time.

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