After Shifting Focus to Podcast Technology, Panoply Media Undergoes Rebrand

Months after eliminating its editorial staff to invest in its tech platform

Panoply Media is rebranding as Megaphone, with a revamped website and new staff investments. Sources: Megaphone, Getty Images

Panoply Media—which changed direction last fall via eliminating its podcast production team and investing in its technology platform, called Megaphone—is rebranding and renaming itself.

After signing new partners to its platform, including iHeartMedia, Vox Media, Himalaya and Cadence13, Panoply Media will now take on that platform’s name, Megaphone.

The new name cements Panoply Media’s transition from producing podcasts to the technology side of the business, where it serves as the middle man between podcasters and brands.

“This is a continuance of what you saw last fall: an emphasis on the tech and ad service business,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Megaphone. “This is the last piece of that transition and brings our name and our company brand in alignment with what it is we stand for as a company.”

Previously, Panoply Media, a sister company of Slate, created podcasts like Empire of Blood, The Message and Revisionist History.

The podcasting company originally acquired the technology in summer 2015. It  has since grown and rebranded to its current iteration, which offers clients dynamic ad insertion, audience targeting powered by Nielsen data as well as a platform to publish and monetize audio content.

Advertisers have included Chase, Citi, Google, Lexus, LinkedIn, Progressive, Starbucks and Target.

By launching a revamped website, Monaghan said he hopes to make clear to the marketplace what the business is and where it intends to grow, with investments in the technology platform. “We felt it was really important to clarify who we are and what we’re focused on,” he said.

@SaraJerde Sara Jerde is publishing editor at Adweek, where she covers traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversees political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.