Adweek’s 10 Most Read Television Stories of 2015

From Kim Kardashian to Roger Ailes, South Park to the Duggers

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Here are the 10 most-read television stories published by Adweek in 2015:

10. These Are the 12 TV Shows You Don't Want to Miss This Summer
While many networks went for broke this summer with everything from VOD to binge-watching experiments, not all the new shows were essential viewing. Here's our list of the ones that were.

9. South Park Hysterically Satirized Ad Blocking and Sponsored Content
South Park's 19th season has been unusually strong, thanks to a season-long storyline involving topics like political correctness and gentrification. And "Sponsored Content," which aired Nov. 18, was one of its best in 2015.

8. Mad Men Is About People Working in an Office. Black Mirror Is About Advertising
Andy Maskin's Voice piece in May was a hit with readers, as he argued that Black Mirror "is not just entertainment, but proverbial required reading for anyone looking to sell products or services to anyone else."

7. How It Feels to Become the Face of a Generation's Shrugging Indifference
Siobhan Price's Voice piece in April was also popular, as she wrote about the experience of having one of her headshots used to create Archer's aimless Cheryl Tunt. 

6. After Conquering Reality TV, Kim Kardashian Is Taking the Mobile World by Storm
In March, the most famous woman in the universe spoke to (and posed for) Adweek, as she revealed how her hit game came about (and how she planned to make it even bigger), her further aspirations in the tech space, why she's so unapologetically obsessed with Twitter and Instagram, and what was ahead for the 10th season of a TV show that gave the world a megabrand called Kardashian.

5. How Roger Ailes Built Fox News Into a Media Powerhouse
The chairman and CEO of Fox News—and this year's Adweek Media Visionary—discussed everything from cord cutting to James Murdoch to Donald Trump in an Adweek interview in his midtown Manhattan office.

4. The Story Behind 'Instagram Husband,' the Year's Most Out-of-Nowhere Viral Hit
Our behind-the-scenes story of how Jeff Houghton, a local late-night TV personality in Springfield, Missouri, became a viral video star thanks to "Instagram Husband." 

3. How Are These 12 Classic TV Shows Still Not on Streaming?
A surprising number of modern classics are still padlocked under pay-per-episode arrangements, meaning they could (and likely will) come to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Crackle. Here is our wish list from last February.

2. A Guide to Network TV's Renewals and Cancellations
In May, we took a look at which current shows would live to see another season and which ones were headed to the TV graveyard.

1. Here's Why TLC Isn't Talking About the Duggars
In mid-June, Adweek published this piece about why TLC had gone almost three weeks without publicly commenting on the child molestation controversy that enveloped the network and the Duggar family, the stars of its signature reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.