Advertising Spend Expected to Trickle Back to TV as Consumers Embrace Streaming

Ad-supported services gained some share in 2020, according to Nielsen

a family of four, two sitting on the couch and two on the floor as they watch TV together
Nielsen found that between 30-40% of adults 18-49 planned to make a major purchase they had put on hold during the pandemic within 3-6 months of Covid restrictions lifting. Malte Mueller/Getty Images

The Covid-19-induced collapse of ad spend in 2020 has been well-documented. But as the nation heads into a more optimistic spring with more vaccinations on the horizon, Nielsen is predicting that advertising spend—likely led by big-ticket advertisers—is heading back up.  

@kelseymsutton Kelsey Sutton is the streaming editor at Adweek, where she covers the business of streaming television.