Google+ Games: Analysis and Opportunities

In mid-August, Google announced the launch of Google+ games integrated directly into the search giant’s new social network. Silicon Valley consensus is that Google is finally making a direct attack […]

Vote: Game Developers, What’s the Future of Google+ Games?

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REPORT: How Free-to-Play iOS Game Developers Thrive in a Market Forecast to Be 200M by 2012

Many of the most successful iOS games are not sold by big name publishers like Electronic Arts. Rather, they’re from smaller developers and are not even sold at all, but […]

REPORT: Facebook Strategy Games Top 80 Million Users

Strategy game players bring in more revenue per user than other genres on Facebook.

REPORT: Over 27 Million Use Facebook's Virtual Worlds

At least 27 million Facebook users are active in at least one virtual world application.

How To Monetize Games With Facebook Credits

Facebook Credits will become the mandatory payment method for games on the social network next month. With that timing in mind, here are suggestions from top game developers on how to maximize revenues with the virtual currency.

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E-commerce executives and Facebook app developers, we want your input!

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Facebook applications targeting hardcore gamers might grow fivefold by 2013.

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How To Make Money From Virtual Goods in Social Games: The Social Times Pro Report

I recently had a chance to chat with several leading executives from top social gaming companies for my first Social Times Pro report, "Virtual Goods in Social Games: What Sells Best, Who Buys Most, and How Your Company Can Profit". This is a must read if you're in the industry.