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    WarnerMedia: Everything You Know About Addressable Is Wrong

    Addressability has gotten a ton of attention over the past few years, but according to Dan Aversano, SVP of ad innovation and programmatic solutions at Ignite, Warner Media Ad Sales, much of what the industry thinks they know about addressability is wrong.

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    To Stop Youth Smoking, The Truth Initiative Uses Humor to Be Provocative

    Eric Asche, chief marketing and strategy officer at the Truth Initiative, learned that to engage with teenagers you need to sound like one.

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    Why Sleep Number Believes Great Branded Content Requires Great Partnerships

    Successful brand stories take effective partnerships – it’s as simple as that.

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    Inventing the Rules for Digital-First Stories That Work

    The opportunities are endless for the kind of short-form and long-form digital programming that catches the audience’s attention and that brands can be a part of.

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    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Doesn’t Make Ads, It Tells Stories

    How HPE uses storytelling to convey its brand values.

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    How Data Impacts Your Social Media Storytelling

    Is great brand storytelling powered by art or science? Maybe it requires both, especially on social media.

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    Turner’s Speciale: The Future of Advertising Is Now

    The media landscape has changed so dramatically over the past five years that, if you want to study the future of advertising, all you have to do is look around.

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    Making TV Targeting Simpler, Faster and Easier

    Television is going through a period of major disruption, but the way marketers buy it has remained relatively uncharged for decades.

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    The Changing Role of Media Buying

    For media agencies, buying TV ads by demographics during an upfront and stewarding that investment over the course of the year is fast becoming an anachronism.

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    MassMutual Tells Real Stories of Positivity and Kindness

    Insurer MassMutual went through a major rebranding in 2017 to support its heritage as a company based on promise and community. And it chose to support this effort with a campaign that focused on real people who made a positive impact during the trying times of the past 12 months.