Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd

Adweek creative editor
Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.

Strange Bedfellows

}Bill Clinton and Al Gore didn’t exactly find themselves jobless after leaving office a month ago. But that didn’t stop ever-resourceful Monster.com from wooing them to shill for its online […]

Smuggler for Hire

Testing the general theory that former poachers make the best game wardens, one man in Canada is using advertising to orchestrate a remarkable comeback from the depths of a prison […]

deflating the addy winners

Seems like you just can’t win an ad award these days without your car getting trashed. Well, not exactly. But the folks at Young & Laramore in Indianapolis might be […]

trouble in the last frontier

Gov. Tony Knowles, keen defender of Alaska’s interests, has a big issue on his mind. No, not arctic oil drilling. Ad folks from L.A. dissing his Alaskan salmon. When a […]

The Face of Business

}Is my fly open? Am I having a bad hair day? Maybe there’s food hanging off my chin. These were among Marcio Moreira’s thoughts as he flew British Airways from […]

Saying No to Crack

Jane Jayroe has heard just about every butt-related pun under the sun in the last few weeks, and is getting a little tired of it. “You might come up with […]

working on the chain gang

There are many directors who probably should be chained and locked up. Whitey Bel-Air III actually was. Or was he? Bel-Air, grim-faced in prison-issue scrubs, recently arrived at the Marina […]

Utah: All Hail Jell-O

Last time we checked in with the folks in Utah, they were busy using prison inmates to call potential tourists.

A Rock and a Hard Place

There are basically two things you can do if you misplace a diamond worth $6 million. Jump off a building or take out an ad. At Brinks, the world’s largest […]

Such a Release

Shops don’t often send out treatises elaborating on staffing woes. It came as some surprise, then, when Shoptalk received a release purporting to be from a small Boston shop and […]