Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd

Adweek creative editor
Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.

Brass Tacks

They may be “street fighters,” but they back down when the cops arrive.We’re referring, of course, to those wacky renegades at Mezzina/Brown, whose hooligan-themed promo materials may be a hit […]

Like Father, Like Son

“These days, advertising is war,” Neil Drossman wrote in a recent memo to his colleagues. “Every week there’s another bomb or two dropped in the advertising press. MARC USA/New York […]

The Evolution of ‘Smart-ass’

The three-card monte hustler who greeted guests at DeVito/Verdi’s 10th anniversary bash wasn’t an all-out hit. “One woman got upset,” says creative director Sal DeVito. “She said to him, ‘I […]

What a Croc

Phil Bronstein isn’t the only guy out there with lizard problems. New York’s underground is infested with 3-meter-long mutant lizards lumbering along 976 miles of sewer, terrifying up to 30,575 […]

Freaks and Leaks

}Memo to Laurie Coots: If you don’t want something leaked, try to avoid e-mailing it to everyone in your office. Coots, chief marketing officer at TBWA\Chiat\Day in Playa del Rey, […]

The Shining Stars on Skates

David Letterman may hate Mazda’s “Zoom, zoom” kid, but not all of the big-network cheeses are as cruel. Interview ing R&B/funk/soul legends Earth, Wind & Fire after their recent performance […]

A Good Ribbing

Better bruised ribs than a bruised ego. When Danny Hiele, cinematographer par excellence, was notified this year that he’d won an award from the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, he […]

Cry Me a River

The Yellow River, the cradle of Chinese civilization, will soon be swaddling a new baby: the brand equity of a multinational company. Chinese officials have confirmed that some 50 corporations—Disney, […]

koenigsberg and the geCko

Mention the Geico Insurance spokesgecko around Bill Koenigsberg and the fumes of competitive spirit begin to veritably wheeze out of him. It all began when The Martin Agency went looking […]

Road to Nowhere

The Nasdaq slumped—nay, crashed. Everyone and their mother is looking for work in the Bay Area. But why not pretend it never happened and celebrate all things high-tech by officially […]