Tim Nudd

Tim Nudd

Adweek creative editor
Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.

Sauer Grapes

After traveling to Munich and walloping Germany 5-1 in a historic World Cup qualifying soccer game last month, the English now seem to feel justified in insulting the Germans at […]

Strange Brew

It’s usually the more women the merrier in beer ads, so marketing Poly gamy Porter (“Why have just one!”) should be a breeze. Actually, the ads haven’t even come out […]

Saving The Thin Yellow Line

Grown men are weeping in their Bud Lights. Sportswriters are squawking. Just what is it about that darned yellow line? Ever since Fox Sports cut the beloved digital first-down line […]

Baked, Not Fried

It’s the battle of the Jeffs: Goodby against Spicoli. In a development that may help explain where some of those E*Trade ads come from, an internal memo from Jeff Goodby […]

Captain of Industry

Hours after handing the reins of Young & Rubicam to Mike Dolan, Ed Vick sounds like a huge weight has been lifted. “Oh my God, I can’t tell you,” he […]

Buck Got The Lovesick Blues

“I watch the mailman comin’/I wait by the tele phone/I meet the trains down at the station/And I spend my nights alone.” So sang Buck Owens on “Think of Me.” […]

Too Too Solid Flesh

Richard Lugner, Austria’s most shameless marketer, has struck again. The construction tycoon, who got his break in the ’70s by building Austria’s first mosque (company motto: “We don’t only build […]

Fowl Play

Will we stand idly by while our corporate mascots suffer such gross indignities? We refer, specifically, to the trauma inflicted on the Bojangles chicken, that cuddly mass of love and […]

Honoring Aviation’s Heroes

Listing the heroes of flight, you might include Amelia Earhart or Michael Jordan. But what about your uncle in his Coke-bottle glasses? Bailey Lauerman & Associates in Lincoln, Neb., is […]

Swamp Thing

You’d figure Anheuser-Busch would know a thing or two about swamps, having croaked and kibitzed with all those frogs, lizards and ferrets. Evidently, you’d be wrong. The St. Louis brewer […]