Sherry Gray

The Growth of Social Commerce: Why It Works Now

Opinion: Authenticity and connection are the enduring concepts.

Tips for Livestreaming Social Media Content

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5 Ways to Integrate Your Social Media With Your Marketing

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The Social Media Jackpot That’s Your Worst Nightmare

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Personal Branding 101: Social Media Matters—Know How to Fix Yours

Opinion: Your job history won't provide them information about whether you're a hardcore partier, an angry antisocial loner with ties to fringe political groups or a savvy insider with a strong network and a sincere passion for the industry, but your social media accounts will.

How Social Media Can Help You Secure Funding

Opinion: The shortest explanation is this: When humans see others doing something, it validates their own choices or influences their decisions.

How Brands Can Identify the Best Influencers

Opinion: Now that everyone has unfettered access to almost everyone in the world, ordinary people are becoming internet-famous on the strength of their looks, personality, topic authority or lifestyle. Brands have noticed. Even the biggest brands are turning to regular people, just like you and me, who have built highly engaged audiences.

How a Vintage-Inspired Watch Brand Used Crowdfunding and Social Media to Raise Millions

Opinion: You wouldn’t normally associate the Kickstarter crowd, an audience of techies and millennials, with vintage watch success, but that’s exactly what is happening. Some early movers in the watch space are taking a social approach to marketing in a fairly traditional industry.

Can Facebook Messenger Chat Bot WeBot Be a Game-Changer for Political Protesters?

For the first time since the turbulent 1960s, protest has become daily fodder for the news. Unprecedented crowds have filled the streets to express outrage over President Donald Trump's stated objectives and flurry of executive orders and to pressure representatives to do the right thing.