Scott Nover

Scott Nover

Platforms Reporter
Scott Nover is a platforms reporter at Adweek, covering social media companies and their influence. He has written about media, technology and politics for The Atlantic, The Washington Post Magazine, Vox and more.

How Professional Bull Riding Is Grabbing TikTok by the Horns

PBR is focused on going beyond typical highlight reel content often found on sports-focused social media accounts.

Brands Can Now Pay to Trend on Reddit

Reddit's latest ad product, Trending Takeovers, allows brands to buy prominent placement on the platform’s Popular feed and its search tab.

FTC Punishes ‘Detox’ Tea Maker Teami, With a Slap on the Wrist for Influencers Including Cardi B

Cardi B and Jordin Sparks cited in Federal Trade Commission's complaint over "detox" claims by tea maker Teami.

Advertisers Can Now Target by Congressional District Through Comscore

New service comes as House races are expected to generate $1.5 billion in 2020.

Social Media Platforms Have a Tough Task Combating Coronavirus Misinformation

Facebook, Twitter and others are limiting employee travel—and trying to stop the flow of misinformation on their platforms.

Mike Bloomberg Drops Out of Presidential Race After Spending $558 Million on Ads

Super Tuesday's big winner, Joe Biden, spent almost nothing on ads.

Super Tuesday States Lavished With $316 Million in Ads

Bloomberg, who has spent $551 million on ads, has focused his energy on the 14 states that go to the polls today.

7 in 10 Americans Don’t Want Political Campaigns Microtargeting Them

Eighty-one percent of Americans said ads featuring an incorrect election date should be banned outright, according to a new poll.

YouTube Wins Big in Censorship Case, but New Restrictions for Platforms Might Be Coming

YouTube's victory against PragerU affirms that the First Amendment doesn't apply to private companies, but bigger battles are brewing.

Facebook Cancels F8 Developer Conference Citing Coronavirus Outbreak

Facebook is cancelling its F8 Developer Conference, citing concerns over coronavirus.