Scott Nover

Scott Nover

Platforms Reporter
Scott Nover is a platforms reporter at Adweek, covering social media companies and their influence. He has written about media, technology and politics for The Atlantic, The Washington Post Magazine, Vox and more.

YouTube Expands Advertiser Access to Its Most Popular Content With New Global Product

YouTube Select includes connected TV usage for the first time.

Disney Streaming Head Kevin Mayer Leaves to Become TikTok CEO

Kevin Mayer's surprise Disney departure to become TikTok's CEO comes at a critical moment for both companies.

US Antitrust Regulators Are Poised for Google Crackdown

After consulting ad-tech experts for months, action may come as soon as this summer.

The Economist Group Lays Off 90 Staffers and Shuts Down Print Edition of 1843

The Economist joins a group of other media publications that saw layoffs and furloughs this week alone.

Vice Media to Lay Off 155 Staff in Latest Hit to the Media World

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated both digital and print newsrooms.

Facebook Could Lose a Key Ad Accreditation. Will Anyone Care?

Even if the Media Rating Council removes its stamp of approval, some buyers say their habits won’t change.

Knight Institute to Sen. John Cornyn: Don’t Block People on Twitter

The organization prevailed in a legal battle against President Donald Trump over the same issue.

Facebook Labeled 50 Million Pieces of Covid-19 Misinformation in April

The platform is taking new measures to root out false and harmful content on its website surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Google Rolls Out Curbside Pickup Badge in Local Inventory Ads

It’s a functionality many businesses are relying on during the pandemic.

YouTube Fast-Tracks CTV Features Amid Surge in Usage

Skippable ads and Brand Lift measurement studies will come to connected TV devices this month.