Portrait of Peter Naylor

Peter Naylor

Peter Naylor is the senior vice president and head of advertising sales at Hulu, where he oversees more than $1 billion in ad revenue for one of today’s fastest-growing, innovative entertainment brands. Reporting directly to CEO Randy Freer, Naylor has led Hulu’s advertising sales and operations group to great success for over four years, increasing ad revenue by double-digits annually and revolutionizing the marketplace in creative ad-insertion.

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How Television Has Become the Newest New Media

Convergent TV

As a salesman, I get the pleasure of having conversations with marketers on a daily basis. And, as marketers should, you're asking many questions to ensure your campaigns are getting [...]

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Welcome to the Era of Purposeful Viewing

Brand Marketing

No one watches crap on TV anymore. This is how Jeffrey Cole, research professor and head of the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School, succinctly sums [...]