WooMe Has People Talking (Quickly).

WooMe, the online network for fast, virtual introductions recently secured another sizable round of funding and is closing in on 100,000 users just a few months after its launch. The […]

Social Metadata Makes Media More Available

A few days ago, it was announced that the Library of Congress initiated a pilot project to put the government archive’s copyright-free photos on Flickr. The project, aimed towards gaining […]

Zecco: Stock Trading Goes Social

Despite early doubts of success, Zecco, the $0 commission trading platform and online investor community is thriving with 17,000 unique visitors every day and 95,000 members registered in the community. […]

Making the web more relevant

For those of you concerned that some of the time you spend on the web is a complete waste of time, you may now sleep at night. It turns out […]