Portrait of Melissa Kimble

Melissa Kimble

  • Melissa Kimble is a Chicago-based writer, digital strategist and founder of #blkcreatives, a digital collective and lighthouse for black culture's most impactful creators.

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    Burger King’s Student Loan Initiative Came Across as Inconsiderate Toward a Growing National Crisis


    Partnering with a fin-tech company that’s tied to Navient sure doesn’t help.

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    This Mother’s Day, Lush and Ben & Jerry’s Helped Bail Black Mothers Out of Jail

    Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Both brands used social to raise awareness for the cause to their sizeable followings.

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    Mixed-ish Is an Important Perspective, but It Wasn’t the Spinoff Audiences Wanted

    Brand Marketing

    Real progress will only be made when diversity efforts go deeper.