TweetDeck Releases New Features [VIDEO]

Tweetdeck released some new features today and there’s one item that is particularly interesting. If you’re hearing spy music play in your mind, then the image accompanying this post has […]

When Tweeting For A Celebrity Date Goes Wrong

It was viewed as a sweet gesture when Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis attended separate Marine Corps Balls after being invited via YouTube, but Megan Piper’s acceptance to attend a […]

Why It Isn’t Totally Lame To Like Klout

Try as it might to give us a more accurate and transparent scoring algorithm, most of us find Klout’s model inherently flawed – mainly because we know “that guy’s score […]

Don’t Want Underage Followers? There’s An App For That

Okay, it isn’t really an app – it’s a feature of a larger platform, but it’s still pretty cool and, at the very least, chock-full of potential. Imagine you’re a […]

Taking Twitter Followers With You When You Leave

Some would argue that @MayorofLondon seems to pretty clearly represent the Twitter stream of the Mayor of London, regardless of who that person is. Others may disagree with this statement […]

Win An Audi R8 . . . For The Day

Would you like to drive an Audi R8? Of course you would! Well, here’s your chance. Audi is running a Twitter contest and if you win you could find yourself […]

Catch 5 Jewel Thieves Using Social Media And Win $5,000

Do you plan to take the TAG Challenge in ten days? No, it isn’t a gimmick promoting a new body spray. And it isn’t another time-consuming app for your iPhone. […]

Welcome To AllTwitter’s New Lead Writer, Mary Long

AllTwitter is very excited to announce a new member joining the team: Lead Writer Mary Long. Mary is eager to start writing about the Twittersphere, and you can expect to […]