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Marty Swant is a technology staff writer for Adweek.
Marty Swant is a technology staff writer for Adweek, where he specializes in digital marketing trends, social platforms, ad tech and emerging tech such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Here’s What YouTube Promised Advertisers at Its Star-Studded BrandCast 2016

YouTube's massive impact on culture, viewing habits and advertising budgets walked the red carpet on Thursday night, as thousands of YouTube celebrities, marketing executives, fans and plenty of Googlers crowded into the Javits Center in Manhattan for the company's annual BrandCast.

Taco Bell and Snapchat Have Teamed Up to Turn You Into a Taco for Cinco de Mayo

Ever wonder what it'd be like if your head turned into a taco, wobbling on your neck as pigeons pecked away at the shell?No? You're not alone.

Hillary Clinton’s New Anti-Trump Ad Lets His Own Party Do All the Trash Talking

Hillary Clinton's newest ad, published to her campaign's Facebook and Twitter accounts today, is packed with negative comments about Donald Trump—yet Clinton herself never has to say a word.The ad instead shows Trump's Republican primary opponents and senior party leaders blasting Trump with a litany of insults, including: 

Yahoo Is Streamlining Its Content in Hopes of Boosting Ailing Ad Business

Yahoo said today that its plan to streamline the company will allow it to "double down" on fewer content verticals, expand live video, and more aggressively tout its tech and data capabilities to advertisers.

AOL Is Launching a 360-Degree Public-Facing Video Studio in Downtown New York

In a further sign of its commitment to producing video content, AOL says it's opening a ground-floor, public-facing studio in lower Manhattan. The company's goal is to increase its video content production threefold this year across all properties.

Adobe Acquires Livefyre to Help Brands and Publishers Tap Into User-Generated Content

Adobe announced today that it's buying Livefyre, a platform that helps brands and publishers collect, curate and publish user-generated content.

Instagram Is Now Letting Marketers Use Videos in Its Swipeable Carousel Ads

Imgur Survey Finds Millennials Are Cool With Being Geeky

In 2004, a band called Say Hi To Your Mom came out with "Pop Music of the Future," which presciently describes the modern geek from the perspective of the ever-migrating millennial moving to Brooklyn and beyond. "she's got a loft space  takes the L train to Bedford

Snapchat Led the Way With Vertical Video. Will Virool Make It the New Standard?

Not so long ago, it was taboo to turn horizontal video on its head, as marketers grappled with doing more for mobile than merely refitting TV spots for smaller screens.

Google Says These 5 Food Trends Are Sweeping America

Trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight? No shame in Googling it like the rest of America.