Lisa Lacy

Lisa Lacy

Tech Reporter

Costco Is Selling Avocados That Won’t Brown as Quickly

The technology has captured the attention of investors like Bill Gates.

Google Invests $550M in to Modernize Retail

JD products will also be available through Google Shopping.

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Toilets, money, Trump and drugs.

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This Machine Learning Model Picked Spain to Win the 2018 World Cup

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Nope, You Still Can’t Ask Google Assistant for 3 Things at Once

Erroneous reports circulated based on a deleted tweet.

Sesame Ventures (Yeah, That Sesame) Wants To Make Technology More Accessible

The Count would be thrilled by the number of dollars invested.

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But does it make sense to have both assistants on the same device?

Why Mozilla’s CloudPets Victory Is Hollow

The connected toy war is far from over.