Netflix Plans Facebook Integration

Netflix is going to integrate with Facebook. What does this mean for your instant account? What can a Netflix user do know that they could not before?

FEMA To Embrace Social Media To Help During Disasters

Facebook and Twitter have helped everyone connect socially with our friends and family, and now the social media platforms may help us when people are in dire need of help.

Kanye West and Jay-Z Release New Song via Facebook

What happens when two of the biggest rappers stars in the world debut a new single on Facebook? Well, not much actually. What does this say about marketing on Facebook?

Facebook Is NOT Shutting Down – The 5 Worst Types of Internet Rumors

Did you see the “Facebook is shutting down” or “Facebook will end on March 15” messages this weekend If you did, then you were the victim of an internet rumor. […]

Report: StumbleUpon Generates More Social Media Referrals Than Facebook in December

Facebook was the most visited site in 2010 but why didn't they have the most social media referrals in December of the same year. StumbleUpon took the top honors in December 2010, as the most referred social media site in the United States.

Can Social Media Help To Reduce Traffic Congestion?

Social media may be the future of the internet, but may it one day stop traffic jams? As car companies increase the technology that is inside each of their cars, social media is being added as well. Facebook and Twitter may be the next way you find that I-5 is closed.

Skype Soon To Be On Sony BRAVIA and VIZIO VIA TVs

If you love talking to friends and family anywhere in the world with Skype on your computer, it just became easier. The live video voice calling program, Skype announced today via their company blog, The Big Blog, that Sony and VIZIO will be shipping Skype enabled HDTVs later this year. The news is being announced at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

Netflix Being Added To TV Remotes — 5 More Buttons That Are Likely Coming Soon

Netflix has neotigated with many of the worlds largest remote control manufactures to add a Netflix button to their new models. What other buttons should be added to the new remote controls?

Airlines & Politicians: Wintry Weather Creates A New Use For Social Media

Social media has become very useful during the East Coast Blizzard of 2010. Social media is no longer just for keeping up with friends around the country now politicians and airlines are using Twitter to great effect.

Which Is Worse: The End of Year Family Letter or The Daily Life Blog

Everybody get's at least one family update letter near the end of the year and everybody knows at least one person in their life who has a daily blog. Now, the question is which is worse, the family letter or the daily blog.