Katie Richards

Katie Richards

Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek, where she specializes in covering creative, media and strategy agencies, along with brands and marketing trends.

Adweek Daily Brief: Brands Support Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge came away with a few big wins in Cannes, scoring two gold Lions in the Branded Content & Entertainment category, while brands showed their support for the Supreme Court's decision legalizing same-sex marriage in every state. New on Adweek:

What’s Scarier Than a Sharknado? A ‘Mosquitonado,’ Says Terminix

What's worse, a pack of blood-hungry sharks falling from the sky? Or a swirling tornado of pesky mosquitos touching down in your city?

Adweek Daily Brief: Facebook Ads Brands Will Love, and mcgarrybowen’s Asteroid Game

Agency mcgarrybowen made a mobile game for Verizon that could help save the world (if there's ever an asteroid hurtling toward Earth), while Facebook rolled out a new immersive ad format, similar to Instant Articles. New on Adweek:

This Adorable New Ad From IAMS Dog Food Is Guaranteed to Make You Cry

In 1999, IAMS released what the dog food maker calls its most effective spot—and what we call certainly its most blubber-worthy. "Casey" followed the story of a girl and her dog as they adorably grew up together. It played heartstrings like fiddles and produced the strongest growth rate for the brand.

Quiz: Do You Know the Brands Behind These Breakthrough LGBT Ads?

It's the Pride Parade this weekend in New York, San Francisco and other cities across the country. As Pride Month marches toward a float- and flag-filled finish, we look back at some of the most groundbreaking advertising featuring same-sex couples. Do you remember which companies made these spots?

Adweek Daily Brief: More Cannes Wins, and Airbnb Launches Charming Pride Spot

More winners were announced at the Cannes Lions festival, including a radio Grand Prix for a stunning Soundcloud ad and a product-design Grand Prix for a fish-shaped piece of iron. Outside of Cannes, Airbnb released a touching spot for Pride Month. New on Adweek:

This Norwegian Don’t-Boat-and-Drink PSA Became a Global Viral Hit

The good people of Norway are facing a drunken-boating problem—of the roughly 30 Norwegian boat-related deaths each year, about a quarter occur when the operator is under the influence. A PSA aimed at addressing the problem has become an unexpected viral sensation.

Adweek Daily Brief: Apple’s iPhone 6 Ads Win Big at Cannes

Amazon followed the lead of some other major retailers and announced it would pull all items using the confederate flag, while Apple and TBWA scored an Outdoor Grand Prix for the "Shot on iPhone 6" campaign. New on Adweek:

Think You Won’t Like Newcastle Brown Ale? Newcastle Thinks You’re an Idiot

If you've never had the pleasure of drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale you might well think it's a heavy, bitter beer. You would also be dead wrong, Newcastle says—and the brand isn't afraid to call you on your bollocks opinion.

Adweek Daily Brief: Lester Holt Talks New Gig, Brian Williams

While Lester Holt shared some inside scoop about his new official role as anchor of NBC Nightly News (and his relationship with former anchor Brian Williams), things continue to heat up in Cannes with a virtual reality series from CBS Interactive and a conversation with Marilyn Manson. New on Adweek: