James Cooper

James Cooper

James Cooper is editorial director of Adweek, where he leads all news operations across the magazine and its digital channels. He has a master's in journalism from Boston University and has been covering the media and marketing industries for more than two decades.

First Mover: Steve Williams

Specs Age 47 New gig President, PHD, New York Old gig CEO, OMD Group, U.K. How’s the new job so far?

BBDO Creatives Dissect Breakthrough Spots

CANNES, France—In an effort to drill down to the essence of truly great creative, David Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer of BBDO North America, convened a panel of three fellow BBDO creative executives on Wednesday at Cannes tasked with presenting one ad that represented what they considered breakthrough craft.

Twitter’s Costolo Touts Real-Time Connections

CANNES, France—As social media and sharing continue to transform media, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo on Wednesday championed the revolutionary benefits that real-time planning can have on creative executions on- and offline.

First Mover: Tim Spengler

Specs Age 47  New gig Worldwide CEO, MagnaGlobal Old gig President, North America, Initiative

The Big Bang

This Sunday, it’s extremely likely that the largest TV audience ever assembled will plunk down in front of their flat screens to watch Super Bowl XLVI—and the carnival of advertising surrounding it.

It’s the Creatives’ Turn at Cannes

The jam band's deep bass line made it impossible to do Web video interviews outside the Majestic Hotel. It's after 5 p.m. now and the creatives are restless and starting their party early.     After three days of relatively buttoned-up behavior while the media and digital types held court, the creative cohort, eager for its work to be seen, judged, and maybe even awarded, is taking over. There are more faux fedoras and sleeved-out tattoos than open-neck button-downs and loafers with no socks.     Is Cannes two conferences in one? It may have that feel this year, but as media, tech, and creative continue to meld, it will be even more seamless in the years to come. But for now, the terrace at the Carlton Hotel is where the two Cannes are colliding.

Robert Redford on Cannes and Content

In a nod to long-form creative, Robert Redford Tuesday received a rousing welcome from the packed hall after being welcomed by Yahoo’s Ross Levinsohn at the Content and Conversation Catalyst event. Redford quickly ran through his path to starting the Sundance Festival and Channel, and the long tail of cable and technology that provides for an outlet for the channel. But Redford moved on to the art and business of content creation.      On what makes great storytelling: Redford quipped “sex” and drew a round of laughter. But more seriously, he said, “It’s something that will inform you in a way you haven’t been informed before.” He then went on to tell a story about being dumped by a truck driver in Cannes while hitchhiking from Paris and Florence during a year he spent in Europe as a struggling art student.

Is Cannes Really a Tech Conference?

My Father’s Day cards are mixed in with my Cannes programs and guides. The vague aches and delirium of flying though the night from JFK strapped into a middle seat in coach have been swiftly swept away by a breakneck taxi ride from Nice to Cannes and super strong Café Americain under the city’s tall palms.Cannes. My first trip to the big ad show. My initial impressions—other than the tang of salt air mixed with the retro sensation of cigarette smoke in restaurants—is that this show has a lot more to do with tech than advertising.

Broadband Breakdown

AT&T’s decision to institute a monthly broadband streaming cap means that managing your bandwdith will become yet another hassle to obsess over. Did that last episode of Arrested Development push you over the limit?

Fox to Revive ‘The Flintstones’

X Factor could be a time period killer for Fox this fall. The clip reel shown to media buyers at the Beacon Theater in New York Monday afternoon at the network's upfront was over-the-top bombastic and showed a wide range of contestants, settings, and tear-inducing drama.