Jaclyn DeJohn

Jaclyn DeJohn works with the Target Marketing Group at NAPCO Media. She is a freelance writer with a B.A. in economics from The College of New Jersey, where she focused on statistical research, mathematics and environmental studies.

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Your Mobile Time, Dime Aren’t Worth the Same as Mine

Fashion & Apparel

Mobile behavior for consumption differs greatly from Gen Xers to Millennials, according to the results of a study by InMoment. Today’s data prevalence has afforded us new, detailed insights you [...]

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4 Out of 5 Marketers Recommend This: Lessons on Statistical Interpretations


Colgate ran a classic ad in the early 2000s that received a lot of attention: 80 percent of dentists recommend Colgate toothpaste. Sounds like a stellar endorsement, right? Four out [...]

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Build More Effective Mobile Ads


Verve Mobile recently conducted a survey to find what is important to include in your ever-more-prevalent mobile ads, and found things such as efficiency, customization and social media sharing to [...]