Googling Madison Avenue and Mobile Advertising: 2008 (UPDATED)

Caroline McCarthy does a wonderful job detailing the overall trend at tonight’s New York Advertising Meetup at Googleplex East: “Old media’s not dead, it just has to be Google-ized.” Over […]

It's the Connection, Stupid

Last week, Gartner released a report titled “Three Potential Pitfalls of Corporate Social Networking” highlighting that social networking utilities and functionalities aren’t a mature enough technology to make it a […]

Social Network Advertising on the Up-and-Up

Great news today coming out of eMarketer regarding SNS (Social Networking Services) and ad spend. According to the report, Social Network Marketing: Ad Spending and Usage, “social network ad spending […]

Google and the Academy: Knol, Knowledge and Kingdom

Last night, Google announced a new service called “knol,” part Wikipedia and part Mahalo. According to Udi Manber on The Official Google Blog, a “knol” or “unit of knowledge” was […]