David Griner

David Griner

David Griner is creative and innovation editor for Adweek.
David Griner is Adweek's creative and innovation editor. He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade and is host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

People With Down Syndrome, Frustrated by Voice Devices, Are Teaching Google to Hear Them

A new partnership from FCB Canada and its advocacy client, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society.

Why One Ikea Location Suddenly Has Quotes Around Its Name

It subtly celebrates a collaboration with Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh.

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How Apple Used Dramatic Outdoor Ads for the Surprise Reveal of AirPods Pro

The 2-phase strategy began with massive, mysterious images of dancers, and then the product was unveiled.

A Children’s Song Becomes a Dark Warning About Modern Food’s Unsustainability

An animation for Followfood redefines having the whole world in your hands.

United Embraces Star Wars for New Safety Video, Though It Feels a Bit… Forced

A smart partnership, but a missed creative opportunity.

Here’s How You Write Ads for a Book About Writing Ads

Thomas Kemeny gets wonderfully self-deprecating to promote Junior, his guide for new creatives.

Demonic Designers Have Created Hellvetica, a Typeface of Torment

Art directors, welcome to The Bad Place.