David Griner

David Griner

David Griner is creative and innovation editor for Adweek.
David Griner is Adweek's creative and innovation editor. He's been covering agencies, creativity, technology and marketing innovation for more than a decade and is host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."

Giant Piles of Garbage Win Big at Cannes

Pollution awareness campaign 'Trash Isles' took top spots in Design and PR at the Cannes Lions.

The Speech JFK Never Gave, Now Digitally Assembled, Wins Creative Data Grand Prix at Cannes

U.K.'s The Times takes top honors for 'JFK Unsilenced,' created from 831 speeches and interviews.

Apple Wins 2 Grand Prix at Cannes for Its Mind-Blowing HomePod Ad and In-Store Experience

'Welcome Home' and 'Today at Apple' take top honors in their categories.

How ‘Whopper Neutrality’ Became the Perfect Combination of Entertainment and Education

David Miami's creative team tells the story behind Burger King's most shared ad of all time.

Budweiser Takes Print Grand Prix at Cannes for Cheeky Ads That Sent Fans Searching

'Tagwords' led Googlers to (unlicensed) photos of rock stars drinking Bud.

McDonald’s Ads Win Cannes Outdoor Grand Prix by Turning Golden Arches Into Arrows

Comedy Central also scored top honors for its Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library.

Cannes Conversations: Sparking a New Generation of Women in Leadership

On the Adweek podcast, two industry advocates get candid about obstacles and opportunities.

Ogilvy Commits to Hiring 20 Women Into High-Level Creative Roles by End of 2020

Announced at Cannes, the goal and its progress will be monitored by the 3% Movement.

An Introvert’s Guide to Cannes

6 tips to help you enjoy the Cannes Lions as much as your Instagram followers think you do.

How Amazon Pulled Off Its Biggest Delivery Ever, a Masterpiece of Buzz Marketing

The Jurassic World tie-in began more than a year ago, and the rollout was a roaring success.