Christopher Karpenko, Executive Director, Brand Marketing, USPS

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What Happens When Digital Tools and Physical Mail Combine

As a marketer, you know that converting a consumer in today’s distracted world takes a sustained effort across multiple channels and platforms

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How to Retarget Consumers IRL

Ad retargeting has long been an effective go-to for digital marketers. Guess how digitally powered direct mail comes into play?

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Timing Can Make or Break Your Omnichannel Campaigns

Timing can make or break an omnichannel campaign. Oversaturate a prospect with messages and they’ll tune you out. But if you can build a cadence of messages that form a [...]

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The Best Way to Reach Digital Consumers? How About Direct Mail

The best way to reach customers? Connect the effectiveness of a physical medium with the intelligence of digital. In other words, it’s time to take a fresh look at tactics [...]

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