Portrait of Bob Dixon, Product Technology Innovation Director, USPS

Bob Dixon, Product Technology Innovation Director, USPS

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Using Creative Innovation to Cut Through the Clutter

Direct mail is moving in exciting new directions by great creative minds. But how can you nail the basics and create pieces that cut through the clutter and drive consumer [...]

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Performance Marketing Through Tough Times

During challenging times, marketers often refocus their time and budgets on measurable strategies that move consumers through the path to purchase.

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The Differentiator You Need in Difficult Times

It might seem counterintuitive to ramp up marketing during an economic downturn, but history has shown that those who do so often come out on top.

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New Technology Ups the Ante for What Direct Mail Can Accomplish

Today, there is no one way to craft the perfect path to purchase. Consumers bounce from touchpoint to touchpoint and are easily distracted at each one.