Are Blogs Too Personal?

The other day while attending a Meetup event I had a discussion with a well known blogger, writer, internet personality when he began talking about some hate ‘mail’ he had […]

Something About Credibility.

I come from the world of PR. My goal in PR is to create third party creditability and help shape public opinion by building relationships with opinion makers. For years […]

5 Tips for Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice is the bane of most people who try to write. Years of proper education teaches them to forgo personal identity to lean towards proper grammar and cookie-cutter […]

I am a Blogger.

I know it may seem odd to say, but the other day I had a meeting with some very interesting people and when I was introduced to new faces I […]

Take the Red Pill or Take the Blue Pill.

Making the choice to jump into social media as a branding tool is only part of the decision any marketing professional has to make. Things like target market, time line, […]

Dude, You Have to Follow Him on Twitter.

Today I stumbled across a little application called Twubble. Twubble takes the people that you follow and looks for the people they follow on twitter so you can add them. […]

Ma Bell the Social Network.

Many of the younger readers will have no idea what I am referring to when I say Ma Bell. Most of our ‘seasoned’ (read: Old) readers will find a cool […]

The Most Recognized Brand on the Social Web.

Ask any PR/Marketing professional you can get your hands on what the world’s most recognized brand is and I am sure you will get one answerer. If that PR/Marketing flack […]

The 4 P's of Social Media.

I was sitting eating last night in a place that used to be my favorite bar, The Four P’s. It is a typical Irish bar in DC that is now […]

Changing Your Online Oil.

I am sitting writing today’s post inside my local Jiffy Lube getting my oil changed. When I look at my car I realize that she is old, like 10 years […]