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Angela Natividad is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak. She is also the author of Generation Creation and co-founder of Hurrah, an esports agency. She lives in Paris and when she isn't writing, she can be found picking food off your plate.

Ad of the Day: Harvey Nichols Makes Over a Few Great Men Not Known for Their Style

We used to joke that equality will finally be achieved when men are given as much shit for their looks as women. Good news! Evidence suggests we've finally made it—or we're damn close, anyway.

Why Every Ad Space in This London Subway Station May Soon Have a Cat on It

It can be exhausting to travel by subway, especially when you work in advertising. Subways are home to some of the grabbiest, ugliest creative in all of existence, often in multiples. To wit: Yesterday, while stepping out of the Paris Métro, I saw a billboard for the Chatons d'Or, or The Golden Kitten, a new tongue-in-cheek ad awards show. I was tired, not in the mood, and—worst of all—it put my brain back in work mode again, well after midnight. Given how many award shows we already have (I mean, did you know we even have one for TV interstitials? Those are literally ads to advertise your upcoming ad break), and how many other lowest-common-denominator inanities we're subjected to when traveling to and from anywhere, we're pretty receptive to this Kickstarter campaign to replace all the ads in one London tube station ... with pictures of cats. Nothing else. Just cats. No $9.99 bikinis perched alongside gym memberships. No award shows, ironic or not. No blockbuster movie posters all in a row, punting an aged actor as a hilariously bad grandpa. Cats. Cats. 

Head & Shoulders Shaves Famous Faces Like Odell Beckham Jr. Into Real People’s Hair

Today in Weird Things We're Glad Aren't Happening to Us, Procter & Gamble's Head & Shoulders brand has released "Scalp Brave," a campaign that goes roughly where you think it's headed ... just not in the way you imagined it would. Conceived by the twisted minds at Saatchi & Saatchi London, the campaign's premise is neatly encapsulated by the closing lines in three behind-the-scenes videos: "100% flake free hair. Have the confidence to be #scalpbrave." "Brave" is definitely a word for it. But don't let your mind wander down the road of elaborate mohawks and six-layer Louis XIV hairdos. Yawn—too obvious. Instead, creative barber Rob the Original was enlisted to do one of the things he does best: Approach the soft, magnificent tufts of regular people and shave portraits of other people's faces—specifically, Head & Shoulders' own celebrity ambassadors—into them. 

If Choreography Were an Olympic Sport, Lacoste’s Rio 2016 Ad Would Surely Win the Gold

With less than 100 days to go before the Rio Olympics, Lacoste builds on its "Life is a beautiful sport" campaign with a chic new video called "Support with Style." Created by BETC and its music subsidiary BETC Pop, "Support with Style" follows a troupe of "beautiful supporters" through Paris, whose landscape has been transformed into an eerily empty (and clean!) playground for Rio 2016 stadium seats. The clip reinforces Lacoste's relationship with the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF), for whom it will outfit all French Olympic teams. The partnership was born in 2013, and will conclude this year (barring an extension of the contract). 

Selfridges Promotes Female Strength With a Mystical, Magical and Powerful Lingerie Ad

We're not in "Like a Girl" territory anymore. As one Adweek editor thoughtfully put it this week, "Female strength is the new female empowerment." And while Always' charming campaign may have begun that conversation, far more powerful elaborations on that message have appeared since, each improving on its predecessor in nuance, style and complexity. (Come on. Are you really going to say you weren't blown away by Lemonade?)This powerful new film from U.K. department store Selfridges, created in-house to promote its new Body Studio—as well as the fascinating variety of underpants from the shoot—hinges on the notion that contemporary women's underwear is made with the male gaze in mind. (To wit: Victoria's Secret's big secret? It was founded by a dude.)And in a step toward releasing women from the nonstop bullshit party they submit to from gendered birth onward, that's something we can change right now, beginning with the brands pushing the panties.

Are Your Eyes Playing Twix on You? Twins Freak People Out in Candy’s Fun New Ad

Playing on the double-sticked nature of the product, Twix in the Nordics pulled a modern—and more discomfiting—version of Doublemint's "Double Your Pleasure."Patchwork Group in Denmark helped prep the campaign, which will run in all Nordic nations. In the video, unsuspecting café patrons sit down at a table and immediately start to notice something slightly off. They are surrounded by various sets of twins. 

One Tough Hijabi Stars in Nike Training’s Latest Ad About Inner Strength

Female weightlifter Amna Al Haddad appears in the latest online documentary for Nike Training's "Inner Strength" series. The young athlete hails from the United Arab Emirates and hopes to qualify for Rio 2016. The black-and-white video depicts Al Haddad working out, hijab in place and Nike gear on point (all of which you can buy here). As she drops and lifts terrifyingly heavy weights, she reflects on who she is, what she represents, the spiritual act of weightlifting itself, and what people can learn from her.Al Haddad's story is well-chosen for reasons both obvious and not: She's a Muslim woman in a male-dominated sport, but just years ago, she was also a journalist with an unhealthy lifestyle who decided to change her situation. 

The Toronto Silent Film Festival Just Built an Escape Room Entirely on Instagram

We don't know how it happened—a human compulsion for puzzle-solving, coupled with a fun flirtation with claustrophobia?—but escape rooms are huge. Every third agency we know takes a client to one (because, as Speed so deftly taught us, there's nothing like a shared crisis to bond unlikely pairs).And as the last few years have shown us, the Toronto Silent Film Festival has made itself expert at seizing on a trend and tying it—in manners uncanny but genius—to a topic that few care about anymore. With this in mind, it's created the first-ever Instagram Escape Room, where you can partake in the manufactured stress of entrapment wherever you are, for free and without a one-hour timer ticking off the minutes of your scrambling incompetence. 

Need Some New Digs? Coldwell Banker Has Put the X-Men’s X-Mansion Up for Sale

In advance of the X-Men: Apocalypse release next month, and in partnership with 20th Century Fox, Coldwell Banker has created a fun, fictional listing for the X-Men's X-Mansion.Retailing for a mere $75,850,000, the house includes 24 bedrooms, a private lake, a basketball court and health spa, an indoor jet hangar, and—for you smart home tech-junkies out there—an "underground R&D lab with a fully functioning power amplification device" (better known as Cerebro).But that's far from everything."Featuring three lavish stories, in addition to a main basement and two sub-basements, this property is built to survive even the most catastrophic apocalypse," the ad reads.

This Hilarious, Epic Film About ‘Air Farting’ Perfectly Spoofs Inspirational Sports Ads

Never again will you be able to complain about an unsexy client that doesn't inspire you.The proof in the pudding: For one such El Salvador brand, Ogilvy & Mather created a moving sports "documentary" about Jorge Chávez, national champion for a most curious sport indeed.