Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein

Andrew Blustein is a programmatic reporter at Adweek.

Rubicon Project and Telaria to Cut at Least 8% of Staff Following Acquisition

The newly-merged company has cut more staff than initially anticipated due to the pandemic.

SSPs Are Taking Extra Steps to Assure Publishers They’ll Get Paid

As the industry fears another Sizmek-like bust, supply-side platforms like PubMatic and OpenX are taking steps to make sure publishers get paid.

OpenX Cuts Staff and Salaries Due to Financial Impact of Coronavirus

OpenX has taken a slew of cost-cutting measures as the coronavirus pandemic hits another ad-tech company.

IAS Names Former McCann Executive as New CFO

Eu-Gene Sung mostly recently headed finances for the group that owns the Brooklyn Nets.

Apple Is Quietly Ramping Up Its Ad Game With Search Ads Expansion

The in-app ad platform will have to learn from its iAd stumble to find success.

Google Mandates All Advertisers to Prove Their Identities

The search giant has begun requiring all advertisers on its platforms to complete an identity verification process.

Investors Are Looking for Ad Tech That Will Outlast the Pandemic

Investors are still looking for opportunities despite the Covid-19 crisis, which has put added pressure on ad-tech companies.

Ad Council Sets Up Private Marketplace for Coronavirus PSAs

Messages about at-risk populations, social distancing and personal hygiene will reach targeted audiences.

FreeWheel’s Digital-Like Way of Buying TV Is Ready for Prime Time

NBCUniversal and The Trade Desk are now using FreeWheel's unified decision capability on OTT.

Beachfront Media and Amobee Partner to Integrate VOD With the Rest of Programmatic

Beachfront Media and Amobee are partnering to monetize video on-demand inventory, a portion of the $70 billion TV market.