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How Much Does a Celebrity Endorsement Bring to a Social Startup?

Celebrity involvement in startups was the buzz at the Variety Summit in Los Angeles. Read on for advice from the experts.

Venture Capitalists Hot for Video Startups

Mobile and social video startups are attracting major investments from Venture Capitalists. “We don't see a 'bubble' in video. We are just scratching the tip of the iceberg” says startup investor Paul Bricault of Greycroft Partners and incubator Amplify.LA.

E3: GREE Demos Social Mobile Developer Platform with PopCap, Capcom

GREE is launching a development platform for mobile social games that gives 3rd party game studios access to GREE’s 230M mobile gamers. PopCap and Capcom are the first major publishers […]

10 Red Flags when Interviewing Social Media Pros

These days, companies are hiring people to run their social media presence. If you're hiring, how do you know whether you're dealing with a real professional or not? We look at the top red flags to watch out for during the interview.

How To Staff Up Your Facebook Page For Timeline

Timeline's richer features and deeper content will require you to at least rethink the personnel strategy for your page on Facebook.

What Should Facebook Page Admistrators Do After F8?

What's a page administrator to do with all of the information announced today at Facebook's f8 conference?

Gaming Veterans See More Facebook Cons Than Pros

Apparently Facebook has a lot work to do to satisfy gaming gurus: A very heated debate at the L.A. Games Conference revealed more negative opinions than positive ones among audience members and panelists alike.

"Accidental Billionaires" Author Ben Mezrich Reveals "Sex on the Moon" [Video]

Ben Mezrich, author of the “Accidental Billionaires”, spoke publicly about “Sex on the Moon”, his next book, for the first time at DOMAINfest. Ben’s “Accidental Billionaires” book is the basis […]

Does Intel's New App Store Pose Any Threat To Apple or Google?

Intel is launching its own app store to compete with Apple and Android. Intel powered devices will start shipping with Intel’s app store pre-installed on them in early 2011. Intel’s […]

Flash Is Dead! Long Live Flash! (Apple vs. Adobe on the iPad)

Apple changed its mind and will now allow Flash apps on iPads, iPhones and iPods. This comes soon after web designers declared Flash doomed and reverses Apple’s App Store banning […]