Tim Sims

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    How Programmatic Guaranteed Unlocks the True Potential of Digital Advertising

    Marketers in the U.S. are still spending billions of dollars per year through non-programmatic channels—and that’s just on display media. In order to realize the full potential of their digital […]

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    Why Audio Advertising Could Be Your Campaign’s Secret Weapon

    Everybody seems to be talking digital video, but another attractive opportunity for many marketers has emerged in digital audio.

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    Why The Future of Digital Is About Aligning With Experiences

    Years of being bombarded with irrelevant marketing has made one thing clear: Ads are more meaningful when tailored to consumer interests.

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    Infographic: 5 Best Practices for Buying Native Programmatically

    The beauty of native advertising entering the realm of programmatic buying is that marketers can now deliver engaging content preferred by consumers at massive scale.

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    Spotify and Pandora Are Changing the Programmatic Tune for Advertisers

    Does anyone go for a run, hop on the train or cook dinner anymore without queuing up Marc Maron's 'WTF' or their favorite Spotify playlist or Pandora station? I'm literally listening to Spotify right now while I type.