Tim Arnold

Super Bowl Ads Work (Almost Every Time)

What is it about the Super Bowl, the most expensive venue in the advertising universe, that gives otherwise savvy marketers permission to act the fool and offer up commercials that […]

What the Hell: Super Bowl Hypocrisy Is Alive and Well

Imagine the quandary CBS finds itself in pre-Super Bowl: “Do we approve this anti-abortion commercial from Focus on the Family, whose proponents believe that to choose otherwise sends you straight […]

Art & Commerce: Get a (Real) Life

When I guest teach, I urge aspiring ad wannabe’s to get a life outside the business, to be passionate about something from real life as opposed to ad life. Doesn’t […]

Art & Commerce: More Madventures

“Get your motor running, Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure …”*Not that I was born to be wild or anything, but I’ve always looked for adventures in the […]

Birth Of A Salesman

My name is Tim. And I’m a salesman. The first step in becoming an adman, a good adman, is admitting you are powerless over it. Face it; we’re like moths […]


Arnold RespondsThe issue of diversity in our industry—meaning, the profound lack of it—is complex, and, with a few notable exceptions, runs deep and wide historically, currently and emotionally. What my […]

It’s All About The Music

I suspect the 11 agencies that signed agreements with the Human Rights Commission committing them to minority hiring guidelines in the next three years came back to work last week […]

Risky Business

Most of us are in the ad business because we’re drawn to risk. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat—and nothing in between. And if you’re like me, taking […]

Real-Life Heroes

Our business offers up an enormous and vital springboard for giving something back.Think about it: friendships, connections, accomplishments, energy, resources, passion, a world view, accumulated creativity, compassion, the ability to […]

The Fifties, So Far

I’ve never used Grecian Formula. OK, I did once a few years ago, but quit soon as I recognized the particular smell of it preceding me off Metro North and […]