Steve Ditlea

IQ News: Analysis – Good Business, Just Not Online

Business pubs are cautious about their online efforts To look at their Web sites, one could easily come to the conclusion that the print business media just doesn’t understand. While […]

IQ News: Analysis: Teens Build Web Dream

Teen Site Bolt Lets Its Target Market Do The Talking. What do teenagers want online? That could be called the $63 billion question–at least that’s how much Northbrook, Ill.-based Teen […]

News You Can Browse

At A Fork In The Web, Newsweek, Time Choose Their Paths. The October launch of a site by Newsweek, the last of the major print newsweeklies to embrace the Web, […]

IQ News: Channel Surfers Get Their Fix

Personalized television listings are the Net’s newest battleground. As its latest attempt at TV/Internet convergence launches with Windows 98, Microsoft will be entering competition in yet another arena of Web […]

IQ News: Click Here If You Care

The Ad Council brings its roster of causes to the Web. Smokey the Bear, McGruff the Crime Dog, the Crash Test Dummies. These ubiquitous characters, which have taught generations to […]

IQ News: Overtime! Red-Hot Sports Sites Take Their Game To The Final Four

This year there will be no off-season for online sports. Just as Web traffic is returning to everyday levels following records set by visitors to sites covering the Winter Olympics, […]

IQ News: Streets Of Gold?

The Times joins the rush of New York City e-guides. It will lose $12-$15 million on its new media division in 1997, and $8-$11 million in 1998, but the usually […]

IQ News: Women’s ‘Net’ Work

Female-oriented sites are rushing to form ad networks. Successfully establishing four interactive lifestyle sites about travel, food, relationships and nutrition in a little over two years is no longer enough […]

IQ News: On The Right Path?

Three years after its debut, Pathfinder may be on track. The Pathfinder name said it all when Time Warner launched its consumer Web site in October 1994–to blaze a trail […]