Steve Delahoyde

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No matter what profession you’re in, be it some kind of design or writing farm reports, sometimes it’s hard to get inspired and keep on track, or come up with […]

“A Lot Less French Than You’d Think!”

This is one of those very broad, general entries, but really interesting none the less. It’s an article from the Canadian magazine, Macleans, about the branding of nations, primarily Canada […]

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Portfolio

Speak Up, a destination you should be extremely familiar with if you follow the design or ad world at all, has created a terrific forum that fits perfectly with the […]

This Is The Only Time You’ll Hear About This In the States

If you’re a designer who is familiar with the Tottenham Hotspur football club in England, this will be of importance to you on a mildly profound level. If this is […]