Stephanie Dickison

Twitter Recipes: Meals In 140-Characters Or Less (If You Can Figure Them Out!)

Twitter is a great platform for marketing your business, connecting with people in and out of your field of expertise and educating yourself on a variety of issues. People who […]

3 Top Photo Uploaders for Twitter

Part of the fun of Twitter is uploading photos of your friends, some sign that made you laugh or a particularly exquisite plate of food. But which service to use? […]

Will the Real @RuthBourdain Stand Up? I Don’t Think So.

@RuthBourdain – or RuBo as, he/she is called – is the creation of an anonymous tweeter that combines the personalities – and avatars – of food writers and icons @ruthreichl […]

Are You Extending Your Tweets? Then You’re Missing the Point

It can be extremely difficult to try and fit your thoughts into only 140 characters. It’s even harder to try and be funny in that limited space. But see, that’s […]

Would You Buy Lipstick Based on a Twitter Recommendation? The Beauty Industry Hopes So

Beauty companies have long known how to promote themselves and create a quick demand for one of their products. So it should be no surprise that they are one of […]

Spelling Mistakes on Twitter – Do They Matter?

It happens to everyone at one time or another. You have the best intentions, but you’re rushing or you’re typing on your phone or you think it looks okay until […]