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How to Drive Users to Major Milestones on Facebook Pages Using Like Targeting Promotions

The following is an excerpt. The complete article, available in our Facebook Marketing Bible, includes the full eight steps to make sure you take for doing a promotion, as well as notes […]

Page Admin Drives Home Cadillac For Elevating Fan Count

In just a few years, Page management has grown from an extracurricular marketing activity to a full-time position with 24/7 accountability. So, as Page managers are being charged with increased responsibility, aren’t they deserving of being rewarded for ramping their fan count beyond… Click Here To Read The Full Post

Quit Whining About Your Social Media Budget

Attention Small Business Owners, you can no longer complain about not having the marketing resources of your bigger competition. Facebook has leveled the playing field for you. Yes, you can finally create more impact with less. So study up. It’s time to learn how to use Facebook to outthink and out execute your bigger brand rivals… Click Here To Read The Full Post

3 Ways to Not to Suck at Marketing

Many make marketing a full-time career and why do some do it so much better than others? How can you not suck at it so your business can thrive? Click here to read full post.