Shea Bennett

Celebrities Who Are Failing @ Twitter

In an article in today’s Observer,  David Mitchell waxes fairly eloquently about the reasons he was drawn to Twitter in the first place (essentially, to usurp an imposter pretending to […]

The Darker Side Of Twitter

In my blurb about the purpose behind Twittercism I wrote the following: For perhaps the first time in our history, Twitter has provided the masses with a convenient and simple […]

Ten Improvements Twitter Needs To Make Right Now

Why do most people use Twitter? The majority that is? Fun? Probably. Twitter, at its root, is essentially a more commonly accepted (and increasingly mainstream) take on the chat room, […]

Can Anyone Catch Stephen Fry On Twitter? Here Are Five Celebrities Who Could.

Let’s face it: Stephen Fry‘s numbers on Twitter are insane. Sure, Twittercounter will tell you he’s the #3 most followed user on the network, but the reality is that the […]