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Our Most Popular PR Stories of the Week

Apr. 17-23: From the week that was...

Is Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes Really Winning the PR War?

Out for blood? Yes, the media is. Well, most of them.

Here Are 7 of the Easiest SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Let's talk analytics.

TRUMPED: Guess Who Won the Hispanic Vote in New York?

More like "Stumped"?!

#PRWin for the U.S. Treasury: Harriet Tubman Will Be on the $20 Bill

A great choice.

Whole Foods Says Cake With Alleged Gay Slur Is Fake

Someone is lying their organic pants off here.

STUDY: Word Nerds Suck

Hey Grammar Nazis, this is Mein Kempf, nine?!

‘Love It or List It’ Couple Suing the Show

Dream home becomes nightmare. Now, that's reality TV.

Gov. Rick Snyder Responds to Flint Crisis by Drinking the Tap Water

Bad PR. How's that taste?

Guess Who Americans Hate More Than Congress? The Media.

There's still hope for you Trump, Cruz, and Clinton.