Scott Goodson

Why the Super Bowl Is One of Advertising’s Last Safe Bets

In the olden days, the Super Bowl was the place where the greatest brands dared to place ads. It was the arena of boldness. Of daring. The most hard-core advertising forum of all.

Beating the Recession

You can stare down the recession. It’s a time of opportunity, not fear. Everything is changing. Greed is out and communities are in. And in our community of marketers — […]

Cultural Movements Usurp Traditional Marketing

I’ve written extensively about Cultural Movements. They have the power in this digital world of ours to create huge new brands, rip down governments and break age-old traditions. I looked […]

Art & Commerce: Southern Exposure

The world is open for business. And independent creative agencies based in the U.S. can grow fast out there. Here’s how.Only an estimated 2 percent of the creative shops in […]

Agency Of The Future

Welcome to March 5, 2017. Check out the headline on the front page of our industry trade journal, Adweek World: “Agencies gave out bigger bonuses than Goldman Sachs in 2016.” […]

Guest Critic

David Ogilvy once said, “Repeat your winners.” As a boy growing up in Canada, we used to watch all the American TV we could, and especially the advertising. One of […]