Sarah Mahoney

Does Age Matter?

In the last two years, estimates one New York tech consultant, he’s applied for 70 to 100 agency jobs that sounded just right for him. And while it’s been a […]

Flexing Your Schedule

Nancy Kritzler loves her job. Since joining Rubin Postaer and Associates as a management supervisor, she’s advanced to vp, group account director, responsible for a national healthcare account. What makes […]

The X Factor

There was a time in the ad business when just about every personnel conversation centered on keeping the kids happy. As hot Web startups lured away the Gen X-ers, agencies […]

After Advertising

Five former agency execs on starting overWith the advertising industry continuing to lose jobs and those still employed working overtime to meet demand, it’s no surprise that many folks are […]

The Ad Holding Company Credit Crunch

As the recession worsens, debt-rating companies have been downgrading advertising holding companies’ stocks, giving investors a little more bad news to react to. But stock-market analysts are not the only […]