Ryan Derousseau

Washington Post Employees, Do You Owe Your Job to Kaplan?

In an online chat today, Washington Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli was asked if the newspaper survives solely because of the success of Kaplan. Although only a hypothetical, amazingly, Brauchli […]

CNN Drops AP, Expanding Newswires

As expected, CNN announced today that it would no longer feature Associated Press content or use the company’s newsgathering services. The decision to drop AP’s services has been anticipated ever […]

How Small Newspapers Adjust to Digital: Ask Employees for Help

Newspapers haven’t quite figured out how to adjust to the digital age, which leads to a lot of experimentation. But when you’re working at a small newspaper, with only 10 […]

Andy Rooney: “I Will Work Until I Drop”

One media job that won’t be opening up anytime soon is Andy Rooney’s. The 60 Minutes correspondent tells TVNewser columnist Gail Shister that he has no plans to retire. “How […]

AOL, Yahoo! Struggle to Keep Viewers

As web portals, like AOL and Yahoo, continue push and grow original content by hiring journalists, it turns out the amount of time web viewers are using the portals have […]

The Pocono Business Journal Returns… Online

Nothing like starting Monday out on a happy note. The Pocono Business Journal (PBJ), which ceased operations in February 2010, is back. The local business newspaper that served the Pocono […]