Richard Howard

How JC Penney Got Caught Engaging In "Black Hat" SEO

Search Engine Optimization is becoming a real consideration for companies looking for the extra edge online. As JC Penney has learned, however, not anything goes in the attempt to attract the world to your online home.

The Newest Fad is the Oldest Look — The Retro Photo Revolution for iPhone

Years of and millions of dollars in R&D have resulted in digital cameras finally having picture quality truly equal to their high end conventional counterparts. And while the first camera […]

There's Nothing Hipper Than Anti-Hipster

From 'Hipster Ariel' to 'Hipster Hitler', the blogosphere can't get enough of hipster memes.

"Born This Way" Blog Collects Stories of the Internal Struggle Of Gay Youth

For those still convinced that homosexuality is a choice made later in life, this blog ( offers compelling evidence, both visual and textual, that such a view is, politely put, balderdash.

The Business of Optimizing Social Media… for Business

Social Media has already proven itself to be a viable platform for traditional advertising. Now, a number of companies are attempting to track and successfully manipulate the elusive viral world - and there's no shortage of prospective clients.

Is Facebook the World's Biggest Rockstar?

We all know that Facebook has become a social phenomenon, changing both how we interact and do business. The movie 'The Social Network' has introduced us to founder Mark Zuckerberg - the antithesis of a rockstar, billionaire though he might be. There's may still a star in the equation though - Facebook itself.

Facebook Reveals "Hacker Cup"… And A Clear Misunderstanding Of The Term "Hacker"

Programmers worldwide are chomping at the bit for their chance at glory in the first ever Facebook 'Hacker Cup'. In between bit-chomps, however, they're taking the time to chuckle at the fear the word 'hacker' strikes into the hearts of a public that still is very confused about its true meaning.

Myspace and Music — Still xoxo or Just Exes With Benefits?

Myspace's massive redesign has angered many musicians and threats of jumping ship abound. However, could it be that this is a short-sighted view that's missing the new MySpace's promise for sharing music better than ever before?

5 Surefire Ways NOT To Go Viral (And Annoy Your Friends)

If everybody new how to go viral and get web-famous, they would. Since you've never heard of me, I clearly don't either. I sure know a lot of ways to fail miserably at it though: here are just five.