Richard Howard

Apple Patent Suggests their Cloud Will be the Fluffiest of All

In a recent article on the status of the could music battle between Amazon, Google and Apple, I tendered my opinion that victory wouldn’t be based on chronological order, but […]

A Status Report On The Cloud Music Warzone

I don’t care if you’re a war buff or what sport you’re into, you’re going to be hard pressed to find a more back and forth battle than that for […]

A Brief History Of Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning… and Their New Project

“Who are the Seans?” one might ask. Well, they may not officially be ‘The Seans’ just yet, but if their most recent venture blows up, they may well achieve that […]

The Winklevoss Twins Appeal Again. No, I’m Not Kidding.

The appeals court has ruled against the Winklevoss twins in their suit against Facebook; going so far as to say, in so many words, the time for litigation to end has come. The twins' next move? More, litigation, duh.

The Laughable Facebook Lawsuit Has Suddenly Become an Armani Tuxedo

If it ain't one thing, it's another: Mark Zuckerberg wasn't even given a chance to rest the one week he wasn't being sued by the Winklevoss twins: the dark horse with the previously laughable case has now earned the title 'most likely to take a whole lot of Zuck-bucks.'

Google Vs. Microsoft: A Soap Opera In The Cloud

Microsoft accuses Google of being a liar. Google calls Microsoft a dastardly cur, sullying Google's good name. Sure, they were never good friends, but here's the hoop-la that's made them what seem to be soap opera type enemies and the latest scuffle that's kicking up a whole lot of dust.

Meme Alert — ‘Chicks with Steve Bucemeyes’ Spells It That Way For A Reason

The newest meme on the scene takes the natural creepiness of Steve Buscemi and pairs it with hot females. Every red-blooded male's dream.

Google Offers: GroupOn Rival or Failure-In-Waiting?

After GroupOn snubs Google's acquisition attempt, the search giant creates Google Offers. Will Google's massive web presence make it a success, or will it be an embarrassing footnote in the coupon rush?

Google Drops the Bomb on Content Farms… and the Fallout Continues

Google has updated their search algorithm so that 'content farms' and sites with duplicated content get less hits. Internet users trying to find better info are happy, but there are many sites that feel they were unfairly targeted.

Should Twitter Introduce Accounts Where Users Must Pay To Follow? Jim Gilliam Says Yes.

[Editor Update: Jim Gilliam pointed out that our title was inaccurate. We deeply regret the mistake and we’ve updated the title to accurately analyze his interesting idea.] Jim Gilliam is […]