Vanity Fair Book Club, Part II

Joining fellow VF scribe Seth Mnookin on the bookshelves is former Red Herring executive editor Duff McDonald with The CEO : An Interactive Book , written with Upright Citizen’s Brigade […]

Jane Fonda: So Far, Very Christian

Jane Fonda’s new autobiography got us all nostalgic. As Roger Friedman notes, Jane split with hubby Ted Turner because of “her conversion to Christianity and his continous cheating.”(Not necessarily in […]

Oh, Why?

We appreciate that Bill O’Reilly wants to make sure his viewers – aka “The Folks” – are paying attention. In fact, we’ve come to take quite a liking to this […]

NPR: Still Feelin’ Honky?

In between Popes and Pulitzers, Romenesko links to a piece on one of our favorite topics: secret scandal at NPR. Following the high-profile departure of Tavis Smiley last year(wherein he […]

Seth’s Spring Ting

Following on the heels of this Vanity Fair article on the Boston Red Sox, it was announced last week that Seth Mnookin is writing this book…and apparently the lucky members […]

There’s No “I” in Pope

There's no "I" in "Pope"

Bob Schieffer Likes A Two-Way

Bob Schieffer's two-way

Because sometimes a publicist, an agent and two movie deals just aren’t enough…

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The Hitch and The Pope

The Hitch and The Pope